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Nutri/System Balanced Review

NutriSystem, Inc. A commercial program that has made the transition from weight loss center-based, like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, to an online weight-management program. It is a reduced calorie diet that focuses on balanced nutrition (60 %carbs/ 20%fat/ 20%protein) which follows the Food Guide Pyramid. This basic strategy is where your focus should be, but Nutri/System's approach revolves around the consumption of pre-packaged meals, which can be convenient and helpful in dealing with controlling your portion size, but it often fails to prepare the dieter for food preparation once the diet ends. Learning the proper habits, which are essential for long-term success, takes a back seat to short-term weight loss goals.

The second problem with pre-packaged meals is their considerable expense, especially when they are "Nutri/System" products, which are more expensive than the pre-packaged meals in the grocery store. Unlike Jenny Craig, Nutri/System's meals are not required purchases, but in order to follow their menu plans, the Nutri/System cuisine makes it much easier to follow and more convenient.

The key to the success of this diet is the transitional period where the client goes from pre-packaged to regular, prepared meals. You are assisted by a wealth of on-line support, counseling and informational resources, but there is no longer a physical person to talk to. Regular exercise is de-emphasized, similar to most commercial diets, mostly to avoid frightening away prospective clients/customers. But regular exericse is the most prominent trait in those who lose weight and keep it off.

Nutri/System is more expensive with the food compared to other programs and sells supplements, but it does focus on the things that are important. A nearly identical on-line program is offered by its main rival, eDiets, which is less expensive, avoids pre-packaged foods and has even more on-line support. If you feel that you must use pre-packaged food, Nutrisystem is an excellent choice.

NutriSystem, Inc.
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